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About Us

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Behind the beehive: The Golden Myanmar Honey story

Golden Myanmar Honey is a 100% women owned and founded company. 

I am Ms. Thet Mar Nyo, Managing Director of Golden Myanmar Honey Co. Ltd. I am a young woman entrepreneur who believes in profitable and sustainable next-gen business models. I founded the company in 2015 with the support of my business partner and sister. 

I come from a mechanical engineering background and am highly skilled and competent in design and operating manufacturing machinery. I enjoy analyzing problems to identify mechanical and operational solutions. As such, my factory is very organized, follows strict health and safety standards, runs systematic operations effectively and is compliant with industry certifications.

Working with bees is an amazing experience: enlightening, humbling, educational, and rewarding. 

Beekeeping supports community pollination and food security, and fosters bee populations outside of the commercial beekeeping industry. Honey harvesting also supports farmer livelihoods and women’s equality through employment. 

Everyone loves honey – toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, grandmas and grandads. It is all great to sustain life, with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water and antioxidants associated with improved brain functioning. Plus, there are limited wastage concerns, as honey is also the only food that doesn’t spoil.

Ever since I was little, I learned that bees pollinate flowers by carrying pollen from one flower to another. Surprisingly, 85% of all crops grown by humans are pollinated this way. This is an amazing fact. We can also get the nutrients our bodies need from honey. It's scary to think about what would happen if there were no pollinating bees.

I am very focused on being part of a global solution. If there are no more bees, many plants will not be able to reproduce and will die. When plants are destroyed, everything will be affected. It's scary. Some plants rely on bees to reproduce. The disappearance of bees is a reminder that our environment is in danger. We know we are part of the global community. We must work hard and work smart to bring back the bees.

I am a very hard worker and like a bee, I am always thinking, reviewing, researching, growing and looking for possibilities to produce the finest honey. At every point, I care for the bees and work respectively and collaboratively with my beekeepers.

“I am very focused on being part of a global solution. If there are no more bees, many plants will not be able to reproduce and will die. When plants are destroyed, everything is affected.” 

Ms. Thet Mar Nyo, Founder, Golden Myanmar Honey Co, Ltd

Current and future goals

  • Connect beekeeping communities across the globe

  • Spread awareness, educate, and lead the sustainable movement to help preserve bees and other pollinators for future generations

  • Develop the honey bee industry across the supply chain

  • Improve our beekeepers and employees lives and take care of their families

  • Provide more employment opportunities for women and youth 

  • Supply our customers with high-quality honey products, excellent service and best prices from our golden country, Myanmar


Employee wellbeing

Golden Myanmar Honey employs 17 people in the factory, including seven women. We care for our staff and their wellbeing. 

We subsidise medical fees (100% for staff, 50% for families), and cover education fees on a case-by-case basis. Staff also receive annual training on hygiene, harvesting, processing, and packaging. 

“I am Aung Moe Kyaw, the Production Manager at Golden Myanmar Honey Co. Ltd. I have worked here since its establishment in 2015. I am very grateful to Golden Myanmar Honey for giving me a lot of work experience and improving my life.”

Mr. Aung Moe Kyaw, Production Manager, Golden Myanmar Honey Co. Ltd., September 2022

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