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Honey production

After seven years of hard work, we have the honey networks, factory, and certification in place.


Our company follows the HACCP system across all stages from farming and collecting the raw honey (bee farms) to production and packaging the finished goods. 

The production flow: 

⦁    Initial extraction
⦁    Filtering
⦁    Dehydration to reduce the water contact
⦁    Homogenization and mixing
⦁    Final filtering 
⦁    Packaging

Before starting the company, I took the time to learn all about processing. I worked closely with the Thai Honey Farm Company, our partner factory in Thailand. They provided hands-on training for my factory staff and me and every year, held training with our staff. 

Every year since 2019, we have participated in training on hygiene, harvesting, processing, and packaging. This training has been run by the Bee Division of the Myanmar Agricultural Department. 

Storage area GMH.jpg

Golden Myanmar Honey factory 

Our factory is in the Hlaing Thar Yar Township industrial zone, just outside Yangon. 

The factory is very organised, follows strict health and safety standards, runs systematic operations effectively and is compliant with industry certifications. 

Golden Myanmar Honey Co’s products are chemical-free and unadulterated. Our honey is tested for quality according to standard honey tested at QSI Lab, Intertek Lab in Germany. 




Codex Alimentarius Standard for Honey (Europe, 2021)


20 ton/day


Filtering and dehydration


Food grade epoxy coated metal drums, food grade plastic bottles, glass jars

Warehouse size


All Products.jpg

Product lines and volumes 

⦁    290kg conventional honey in 2017
⦁    300 tons of honey produced/processed in 2021
⦁    12 pack case (350g bottles) conventional honey in 2021
⦁    12 pack case (500g bottles) conventional honey in 2021
⦁    12 pack case (1kg bottles) conventional honey in 2021
⦁    48 pack case (50g jars) organic honey in 2021
⦁    40 cases of 20kg wax blocks in 2021
⦁    Bee Pollen

Packaging and sales 

Packaging and minimum orders

⦁    Export premium bulk honey (290kg and 300kg): 20 ton
⦁    Better Buzz premium bottle (1000ml, 500ml, 350ml) 10m3
⦁    Better Buzz premium glass jar (500ml, 300ml, 50ml) 10m3
⦁    Custom packaging available

Product Photo_GMH.jpg


Our target market: local, regional, international. We currently export to Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North America and plan to expand into Europe.

Golden Myanmar Honey products sell domestically at cafes, hotels, supermarkets, and online at  

Our online products are honey bottle and glass jar packaging, honey stick, and honey tea.

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