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Myanmar honey varieties 

Our honey varieties are jujube, sunflower, sesame, rubber, niger, lychee, sidr, three step flower honey and multifloral

weather and climate 

Every state has distinct weather that our beekeepers must be mindful of when caring for the bees. Bees need to be well watered in heat, and warm in cool weather. 

As our honey comes from diverse areas, our beekeepers need to adapt their practices to keep the bees happy, healthy and productive. In hot areas where pulses and sunflowers grow, the beekeepers may move immediately after the bloom to get the hives out and away from the heat. 

Blooming flowers from each crop are impacted by our tropical to subtropical monsoon climate. We have three seasons: i) hot, dry inter-monsoonal (mid-February to mid-May); ii) rainy southwest monsoon (mid-May to late October); and iii) cool, relatively dry, northeast monsoon (late October to mid-February).

In Magway, the temperature varies from 19–33°C. Mandalay has hot temperatures year-round of 29–38°C, good for pulses. Then in Shan State, temperatures are milder, around 24C°C, and the bees enjoy Niger seeds and fruit trees. 

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