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Jujube honey

Jujube honey

Introducing our high-quality jujube honey, sourced from the pristine lands of Myanmar. Originating from Myanmar's central dry zone, the jujube tree holds a special place in the cultural heritage of the region. Our highly sought-after, premium-quality honey is the perfect choice for businesses seeking unique offerings.


Jujube honey is derived from the abundant jujube flowers, which serve as a primary source of food for bees due to their rich carbohydrate content. Harvested from September to December, our jujube honey has a delightfully sweet and apple-like flavour, and its golden yellow to brown colour adds to its appeal.


Apart from its exceptional taste, jujube honey is known for its potential health benefits. It can help protect the liver, detoxify the blood, improve the immune system, aid digestion, support bone strength, act as a stress reliever, and help reduce cholesterol.


Elevate your product range with our premium quality jujube honey, showcasing the best of Myanmar's treasured jujube trees. Experience the allure of our high-quality jujube honey today.

Our jujube honey is available from September to December

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